Detective Agency
Video surveillance of a person

Sometimes people want to hide from us some important information that can greatly harm us, our families, friends, work or business. But not in every situation, you can just go and ask a question on this topic.

Professional surveillance of his wife

Jealousy - this is one of the most negative feelings, which from scratch can transform any dialogue into such a storm that there can not be any talk about any relations. And this happens even when there is absolutely no reason for jealousy.

We will help to hire a detective for shadowing

Despite the abundance of information on the activities of private detectives on the territory of Ukraine, as well as around the world, to find a truly reliable specialist who will not only perform his work for the agreed amount, but will do it 100%

Checking facilities for the presence of listening devices

Better information to make leak detection service "Checking premises for the presence of bugs," prevention will save.

Prevention of eavesdropping - a much needed thing. If your business a lot of competition and you have a business secrets, it is necessary to inspect premises for the presence of eavesdropping devices regularly, but unexpectedly. No need to post the schedule of the public, even secretaries should not be made aware about it. Such action shall be sudden and unexpected, because bookmarks may be removed. 

Detective Agency "Private detective Sumy" provides such a service. Order service inspection of premises on the wiretap costs not out of his office and no office, and in a place where you are sure that no one sees you, and before you have never been there. 

Technical measures to detect listening devices can be compared with a face lift, managers have to stop work until the end of the search and elimination. You also need to figure out how and when the bookmark was to determine the performers. 
Specialists may find bugs in unexpected places. For example, in the old chandelier primagnitit can bookmark so that it is not visible from below. When searching manifested professionalism, specialists know how to identify the wiretap. Modern equipment detects metal transmitters anywhere. But modern miniature technique complicates this task. After all, in today's mobile phones can make bookmarks for eavesdropping software and hardware for this search a little. For example, it is enough to gain access to the phone on the head a couple of minutes to upload a Trojan horse program from the site of the attacker.  

Need antiproslushka phone. Here will not help you find the hardware tab. Protection in this case, too, with a software, install a special program on the smartphone, and the lack of regular checks on unauthorized software that brings a prophylaxis with anti-virus software on conventional computers. But it still does less actual detection of eavesdropping devices hardware type. 

If wiretapping or tab found direct or indirect method, the first thing to do is find out who the artist install the device and at whose request. 
Here detectives already useful in full force, they know not only how to find a listening device, but also provide protection from eavesdroppers. First, do not tell anyone about the discovery. You need to run in order to identify misinformation channel. Besides, the channel may be one. If he is incapacitated, it does not mean that there is more than one bug. Details about the tactics detection channel talk with detectives in advance. And find out what's the question of how to provide protection against eavesdropping. 

But in any case, be aware that due to computerization and miniaturization of the fight gets harder every year. Always better to close the camera and microphones even disable your hardware if the conversation be confidential.