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Video surveillance of a person

Sometimes people want to hide from us some important information that can greatly harm us, our families, friends, work or business. But not in every situation, you can just go and ask a question on this topic.

Professional surveillance of his wife

Jealousy - this is one of the most negative feelings, which from scratch can transform any dialogue into such a storm that there can not be any talk about any relations. And this happens even when there is absolutely no reason for jealousy.

We will help to hire a detective for shadowing

Despite the abundance of information on the activities of private detectives on the territory of Ukraine, as well as around the world, to find a truly reliable specialist who will not only perform his work for the agreed amount, but will do it 100%


Detective Agency in Belopole 


If you are looking for assistants to perform a single operation and at the same time you need to complete preservation of information, if you need people who could cover you in any situation, providing you the alibi (except for crime), if you need specialists who could at any time day and night to advise you on the legal, psychological, and many other issues, you should contact the detective agency "Private detective Sumy." Our detective agency are specialists, each of which is a good professional in your field, and each of them will only work on the result. 

For those who often goes on business trips, and at the same time afraid that his second ladle changes, it is possible to use the services of employees detective agency in Belopole that will provide you with accurate information on the subject of whether or not your wife's lover. The question of infidelity - is one of the rather urgent problems to be faced by our specialists, producing not only the identification of infidelity husband or wife, but also to consult psychologists to resolve family issues. And it is worth noting that we have thus help save more than one marriage, although it seems that the divorce because of infidelity women or men will already be simply inevitable. Therefore, we can safely say that we are one of the best specialists in dealing with cheating husband or wife. The more that you can contact us, and in those cases when they themselves want to be the initiator of seducing your second ladles for the so check loyalty. We are in this field, we have a lot of experience and can organize checks on loyalty not only in Belopole, but also in any other, including in foreign resorts. 

Organize people search 

In life there are situations where for many years does not communicate with the person, and then just think of him and want to resume the relationship, or something happens and this meeting becomes necessary. But here's the problem lies in the fact that whether or not contact this person or just his phone number is not available. But no matter what happens to you it is, we'll help you find a man for his phone number, or arrange to find people by name. And in such a situation for us as geography plays practically no role, as we often have to set someone's address by phone is not just outside the city Belopole, but even outside of Ukraine. Therefore, you can safely call us when you need to find the last name of someone or even make urgent search for relatives missing. In this regard, we are different speed and work on the result, bypassing all the red tape that only takes time away from work. 

Collection of information about people and companies 

collection of information

Information has always been a precious currency, but now it has even more value. Most importantly, not only her own, but also be able to use correctly. This is especially true of people who have an important responsibility in their companies, as well as taking important guiding public office. And if you are driving a set of employees and personal assistants, who must meet certain requirements, you can take advantage of our resources and in the interview to use lie detector. In European countries, the polygraph is already almost no prerequisite for passing the interview. And so you can be sure the person will take to him. Otherwise, you risk to recruit a spy from competitors or other type of malicious, whose main aim is to break into your database and other illegal actions. 

Often spies specially arranged in one or another company to work to maintain direct surveillance of a person or be able to install the equipment in the right places for discreet surveillance photo. We will help you protect yourself from such surveillance and other means of tracking. Even if you use antiproslushku, it does not mean that your office not worth the bugs that transmit sensitive information. In this regard, we also recommend that you carry out periodic inspection of premises to detect listening devices. Our detective agency has everything you need to find a cell phone wiretapping.





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