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Video surveillance of a person

Sometimes people want to hide from us some important information that can greatly harm us, our families, friends, work or business. But not in every situation, you can just go and ask a question on this topic.

Professional surveillance of his wife

Jealousy - this is one of the most negative feelings, which from scratch can transform any dialogue into such a storm that there can not be any talk about any relations. And this happens even when there is absolutely no reason for jealousy.

We will help to hire a detective for shadowing

Despite the abundance of information on the activities of private detectives on the territory of Ukraine, as well as around the world, to find a truly reliable specialist who will not only perform his work for the agreed amount, but will do it 100%

Lie detector - a polygraph test

To determine the required verification of deception on a polygraph people you suspect something. Order the detective agency

Effectiveness of the polygraph is based on biological reflexes and instincts. When there is danger, the body stiffens, and when increasing the danger reaches the concentration of all forces. This excitement is easily detected by modern equipment, and on the other hand, it is very difficult to overcome without special constant training to hide their emotions. Polygraph testing guarantee the accuracy of answers. 

Unlike ancient times, torture was not required to ferret out the truth. Increase in pressure, pulse and respiration, skin temperature and other changes will certainly be given a lie. To check, try to restrain themselves when someone will wave in front of your eyes dangerous subject. Eyes blink instinctively.  

Also instinctively narrowed pupils exit from darkness to light. These reflexes allow physicians to identify the brain, his "repair", even if the person is unconscious. Turn off this is impossible. Therefore check the polygraph is so popular nowadays. 
The most famous use of polygraph services - investigating crimes, interrogate suspects. However, there are other areas of applications related to the identification of lies. For example, taking a responsible job, when not simply pick a specialist, and the person on whose integrity depends on the success of the case. The same applies to the definition of infidelity spouses: polygraph - lie detector can determine who changed. 

There are legal rules for the use of such equipment. Written consent from the person being tested. In those cases, which have been described above, there is usually no problems obtaining it, for verifiable are interested in confirming his innocence. Before signing the consent to a lie detector test, required by law to tell you how it is done, that the wires and sensors are installed on it. Verifiable must clearly understand what is happening. 

Sensors measures the pressure, respiratory rate, heart rate. No trace on the skin and should not be punctured, it is standard medical sensors. During the test, the data received from sensors in the processing unit, which is connected to the computer. Seen on the computer screen waveform sensor indications. And 
Orders for printing services in Sumy constantly in demand. Work equipment and experts have no complaints from clients and subjects work properly lie detector, the price to use is available.

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