Detective Agency
Video surveillance of a person

Sometimes people want to hide from us some important information that can greatly harm us, our families, friends, work or business. But not in every situation, you can just go and ask a question on this topic.

Professional surveillance of his wife

Jealousy - this is one of the most negative feelings, which from scratch can transform any dialogue into such a storm that there can not be any talk about any relations. And this happens even when there is absolutely no reason for jealousy.

We will help to hire a detective for shadowing

Despite the abundance of information on the activities of private detectives on the territory of Ukraine, as well as around the world, to find a truly reliable specialist who will not only perform his work for the agreed amount, but will do it 100%

Cerificate Cerificate

When you need to solve the case quickly, retaining complete privacy, and it is not taken for the police - come to the detective agency, you always help.

How do you get to the site? Through a search engine by typing in the line "Private Detective Sumy" or prompted you our address? 

In any case, you made the right move. Here is a description of how the best detective agency in Sumy. Most likely you will need services of a private investigator. 

To start dating, what are the advantages of private detectives: 

· No tape. 

· Undertake even hopeless, from the viewpoint of the authorities of the case. 

· We do everything strictly secret, and even anonymously if you do not want to "shine". 

Detective services or private lawyer, criminologist, guardian, etc., everything that come from private investigators listed below.

 Photo and video surveillance. 

  • Clarify the question of marital fidelity. 
  • Checking through the lie detector. 
  • Room cleaning from eavesdroppers. 
  • Search of people. 
  • Collecting dossiers on these individuals. 
  • Collection services. 
  • Search for a stolen car. 

Of course, this is an abbreviated list, full service detective agency pointer see website "Services". 

The team of our detective agency formed from former law enforcement officers, many staff have extensive experience gained and to the agency, and the agency. Each has a specialized education. A wide range of professionals: psychologists, criminologists, bodyguards, computer specialists, etc. 

In our detective agency in Sumy work with clients is conducted without bureaucracy. Each of your problem will be heard, you will not be left without help, you will always get professional advice, it is better to do in your situation. We do not undertake the impossible tasks, in such cases, the customer is alerted immediately. Any services will comply with the legislation, without breaking it. In Ukraine, the law does not mention private detectives, so all work is carried out as a journalistic investigation as a detective agency officially registered as mass media. 

Once again, we note that all your information is confidential for the rest of the world. Without your permission, the third party learns nothing. Can see reviews of our detective agency on the corresponding page. Hundreds of our customers have been able to resolve their issues with our help. 

Prices for services agency usually calculated after the provision of the service, since it is difficult to predict how things will go. Therefore, always first make a preliminary calculation of the cost of private detective, based on similar assumptions and statistical services.

We strive to ensure that every customer is satisfied.

-To succeed, maintaining privacy. Transfer your data to third parties will always be agreed with you, if you mind, nobody knows.

-However, if the client in no prospects, he finds out about it first. It makes no sense to do the work when we are confident that will not work. The agency decided not to promise and not do.